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nspired by the constellation “Vela” [vee.luh],
   our logo is a picture of  Who we are and how we work.

Inspired by the constellation “Vela” [vee.luh],
our logo is a picture of WHO WE ARE and HOW WE WORK.

Inspire imagination. Harness the possibilities. Reach your audience.

We collaborate with marketing & creative thinkers to provide
promotion and distribution assets for Entertainment, Industrial and Non-Profit Projects.

Velascope is not a marketing agency, rather we provide the marketing deliverables:

  • History
  • Mission
  • 7 Pillars
  •         In 2007, SkyGate Studios was founded with ambition to produce film and episodics with a positive message. We attracted many clients with story-driven projects. The scope of work became increasingly immense with trailer, promo and DVD needs.
            In 2009, VelaScope was developed to handle the promotion and distribution workload. Meanwhile, SkyGate Studios continues to focus on robust productions for story-driven content.

  • Whether here as an individual, an organization or another creative entity, the mission of VelaScope is 3 fold:

    1.  CREATE A CULTURE OF COLLABORATION:  Iron sharpens iron.
    2.  OPTIMIZE THE CONCEPT:  Harmonize the ART of production with the FUNCTIONALITY of it.
    3.  BE VERSATILE:  Seemlessly fit the needs of others.

  •        TRUST: Faith in your teammates.
     LOYALTY: Respect for each other.
    HUMILITY: Leadership through servanthood.
           VISION: Creation with purpose.
         AMBITION: Desire for success.
    DEDICATION: Endurance through completion.
               VIRTUE: Attention to detail.

VelaScope is an industry leader in collaborating, executing and delivering state of the art video that connects with our constituents.

- Dr. Dennis Rainey, CEO FamilyLife

Scott Edge
VelaScope Founder
Creative Director, Producer

IMDb |

It’s humbling our work has won multiple
  awards: Telly’s, Addy’s and more...

   But what’s really important is our work has won multiple acclaims from target audiences, which makes for happy clients!

  • Gary Newton
    President & CEO, Arkansas Learns

    “VelaScope excellently, efficiently and economically realized our vision on the screen."

  • Mike Clowers
    President, Mike Clowers Solutions

    “The VelaScope team specializes in taking great concepts and strategies and connecting them with viewers in ways you never imagined."

  • Dr. Dennis Rainey
    CEO, FamilyLife

    “We’ve used them on a number of occasions and have NEVER been disappointed.  I can’t speak highly enough of them and their integrity."

  • Rob Jorgensen
    Producer, "If You Were Mine"
    "We came with a certain set of expectations, and they exceeded each and every one. In the end, we have a better video product than we would have been able to even think of on our own."

  • John Campbell
    "They completely get to the heart of their client's need and deliver every time. As a composer, I find myself challenged to bring my 'A-Game' to the table whenever we have the privilege to work together."

  • Ben Wellons
    Founder/CEO, eMed Healthcare
    "Our company has used Scott Edge for several important projects over the past 10 years. He has been both reliable and timely with his work, and the quality he produces is top notch."

  • Bill Plunket, Executive Director
    Habitat for Humanity Pulaski County

    "Scott's creative abilities, coupled with his natural talent for visually conveying our mission, are superb and exceptionally executed."

  • Adrienne Hedlund, Marketing Specialist
    McKenzie Group

    "Velascope Creative is professional, easy to work with, and fast. I am always impressed by how quickly and seamlessly our projects come together."

Notable projects

ow does "The Creative-Collaboration Company" work?

As a seamless extension of your capacities.

We align with your creative efforts to deliver the assets you need to promote your project.


  • +A/V+Digital+Print

    • + Film Trailers
    • + Promos
    • + Commercials
    • + Image & Pitch Videos
    • + "Making Of" Featurettes
    • + Interactive Menus
    • + Web Design & Dev.
    • + Title Sequences
    • + P.O.P. & Virtual Posters
    • + Motion Graphic PKGs
    • + Posters
    • + Logo & Brand ID
    • + Key Art & Packaging
    • + One Sheets
  • +Pre-Production+Production+Post-Production

    • + Consultation & Development
    • + Budgeting & Timeline
    • + Pre-visualization & Writing
    • + Music Scouting & Selection
    • + Project Management
    • + Production Coordination
    • + Location Coordination
    • + Lighting & Sound
    • + Comprehensive Editorial
    • + Title Animation
    • + Sound Design & Mixing
    • + Design & Layout
  • + Ways VelaScope is used to reach audiences:

    • + Filmmakers & Distributors
    • + Marketing Agencies
    • + Non-Profit & Faith Organizations
    • + Industrial & Entrepreneurial
    • [trailers, titles sequences, posters, packaging assets...]
    • [comprehensive production, retargeting art, branding...]
    • [product promos, bumpers, worship bg’s, countdowns...]
    • [corporate I.D., web, image reels, graphics packages...]

Highlighted Services.

“Creative-Collaboration” defines us! But there are some things we excel at...

  • [+]

    Film Trailers:

    Trailers and promos are our forte! Our
    cuts are intentional, effective & proven.

  • [+]

    Interface Design:

    Our award-winning design & aesthetics
    are user-friendly & expands your story.

  • [+]

    Graphics Packages:

    Up your quality. Our GFX templates are
    customized for easy in-house use.

  • [+]

    Title Sequences:

    The story doesn’t have to stop when the
    credits roll! Captivate during the titles.

  • [+] Film Trailers

  • [+] Promos

  • [+] Commercials

  • [+] Image Videos

  • [+] Bonus Content & Featurettes

  • [+] Interactive Menus

  • [+] Web Design & Development

  • [+] Title Treatment & Animated Logos

  • [+] P.O.P. (Virtual Posters & Retargeting)

  • [+] GFX Packages

  • [+] Title Sequences

elaScope: a Creative-Collaboration Company


[email protected]

SkyGate Studios:

Learn more about
our parent company.

Regular mail:

P.O. Box 242598
Little Rock, AR 72223


ATTN: VelaScope
14301 Ridgewood Drive
Little Rock, AR 72211


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Our channel is packed
full of video goodness.

SkyGate Studios is the parent company of VelaScope.
As mentioned in the “Company” section of this website, VelaScope was established to carry the workload providing imaging and distribution resources needed to market robust projects. The creative minds at SkyGate Studios help power and lead the efforts at VelaScope.

VelaScope focuses on camapaign functionality and distribution resources.
SkyGate Studios focuses on robust narrative works and creative ventures for Film, TV, Web and Books.

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