In Production on “Safe Haven”


“Safe Haven” is a Prodigal Son story set in post-apocolyptic setting.  In world full of dust and desolation, brokenness and darkness, a man wakes up in an abandoned, dilapidated house with no memory of who he is, how he got there, or why. Lost and alone, he searches for answers. An old VHS tape and a faded map launch him on a journey that may lead to unity, healing, and hope.

SkyGate Studios is proud to partner with the OneCry church conferences on this film.  OneCry aims to unite Christians in prayer, re-ignite their passion for Christ, and call them to see the big picture of what God can do in our nation.

Setting the stage

With the new SkyGate website has been very well received and with high marks! As we prepare for big things coming down the road, we’re keeping busy with a few post-production projects.  One of those is “Hark, the Harold”! The edit is coming along and we’re very excited to see the progress!  Our good friend and brilliant composer, John Campbell is starting to work his magic.  Sneak peek coming soon…

Hark, the Harold: Late in Time

We’re honored and privileged to team up with The Summit Church of Little Rock to bring a different kind of Christmas film for 2014! “Hark, the Harold,” written and directed by Scott Edge, is the second Christmas film from The Summit Church and SkyGate Studios. Following 2013’s “Gate 25,” this year’s film promises to have heart, humor, and honesty… and probably a little bit of whimsey too.


The skies are NO limit …

The saying goes: “the sky’s the limit.”  That suggests you can reach as high as the sky … but we have a problem with that. Right off, you’ve set the limit on how high you can go.  The sky is a pretty high aim for sure, but that ignores the infinite possibilities beyond. And once you’ve reached that goal … then what?  Your very goal put up a boundary around you like a fence line. The best you can do is make it to the edge, stand on your toes and you might have a limited view of what’s just beyond your reach.  But all fences have gates … gates that open up to a boundless world!  The sky’s the limit? No. The skies are our starting point.  And where do we go from there? Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.


The skies are NO limit …

-Scott Edge, Creative Director

SkyGate & VFX for “Greater”


In late 2013, SkyGate Studios joined the visual effects efforts for a new feature film “Greater,” helmed by Les Galusha. The film is still in post-production but is set to have a wide theatrical release upon completion.  “Greater” is based on a book by Jeff Kinley called “Through the Eyes of a Champion: The Brandon Burlsworth Story.”  The story of Brandon Burlsworth is possibly the greatest walk-on story in the history of college football.  The film is directed by David Hunt and stars Neal McDonough (“Minority Report,” “Captain America,” “Flags of Our Fathers”) and Christopher Severio as Brandon Burlsworth.